E17 – 17: The Lies That We Tell Ourselves.


In this episode, Rachel and Erin talk about the lies that we tell ourselves, which are usually the worst ones; we lie to ourselves more than we lie to other people. Erin remembers when she first was going to school, she told herself over and over again that she could never have the lives of some of her classmates. If we compare our lives to others out there, and we don’t meet that criteria, then we think we must not be good enough. Rachel says that if the lies you told yourself were told back to you by another person, then your beliefs will be challenged. We buy our justifications, but they are lies that we are telling ourselves. If you think you cannot start your own business because you don’t know how, it’s not true. We are all able to find resources and the people who are able to help us. Stay tuned to find out how to reframe your negative self-talk and how to start achieving what our minds are conceiving.

Enjoy the show!


• [00:35] Feeding the voice inside our head 

• [04:15] Hearing our lies from another perspective 

• [07:20] Finding the resources  

• [11:30] Asking the right questions 

• [14:00] Reframing our negative self-talk

• [16:10] The mind can achieve what the mind can conceive 


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¨ “We look for proof to feed our lies.” -Rachel

¨ “We buy our own justifications.” -Erin

¨ “Everything is at your fingertips.” -Rachel

¨ “I would always tell myself that we do not have the right connections.” -Erin

¨ ““I am” The two most important words we speak to ourselves. For what we say after them shapes our reality.” -Rachel