E168 – 168: Doing Shadow Work to Unlock Your Greatest Potential with Lira Kay


Lira Kay is the world leading expert in innovative therapeutic methodologies. At just 17 she started counseling famous spiritual gurus, artists and therapists on a daily basis. Now, three decades later, she has been known as the secret weapon behind powerful social and creative enterprises and their CEOs. 

In recent years Lira has also become a much sought-after producer of educational trainings and certifications on healing and creativity. She also founded a 111 Healers Conference sharing her global platform with traditional doctors, therapists and alternative healers on the mission to heal and transform lives.

With Lira we talk about:

  • How she became a spiritual teacher at just 17 years old
  • How we can we get over caring what others think
  • What is your “white shadow” and why it’s necessary for your healing and evolution
  • How she helps celebrities and artists grow their confidence
  • Can you ever go down the wrong path in your life?
  • How can you know you’re on the right path
  • How Lira worked through her own money mindset issues
  • How you can learn from Lira for free

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  • “Anybody can do what I do if they become courageous enough and let go of the fear of not being good enough.” -Lira
  • “Artists are the bridge between what is happening in reality and what is yet to come. When we collaborate, some real leaps in the collective consciousness can be made.” -Lira
  • “If you really truly want to be spiritual, always check what’s happening in your real life. If you live in a mess, it doesn’t matter that you want bliss. Sort out the mess, you’ll be much better off.” -Lira