E166 – 166: Heal Your Trauma to Thrive in Life & Business with Autumn Bensette


Are you someone who constantly finds yourself in a cycle of self-sabotage? Or maybe you identify as a workaholic or perfectionist, constantly on the edge of burnout. While pregnant, Autumn Bensette scaled her business to six figures and kept working up until she gave birth. To many, this seemed like an achievement to admire.

It was later Autumn realized that this actually wasn’t a very nourishing thing to do. After noticing that she continued to get caught in this overwork-burnout cycle, she found her way to a trauma therapy certification that gave her the space to heal and process her traumas.

Now, she is a trauma specialist, safe space facilitator, and sovereign leadership coach who uses somatic trauma healing, nervous system regulation, and embodiment work to support her clients and students to build a life anchored in self-belonging.

With Autumn, we discuss:

  • Her story of experiencing trauma with a business coach and working through the anger and grief that came from it
  • Her experience of overworking while pregnant which led her to seek out support in unraveling her patterns and traumas
  • How she burned her old business coaching business to the ground and built it back up to be more in integrity and in alignment with her values and ethics
  • The “both and”: allowing yourself to evolve but not treating yourself like a project constantly needing to be fixed and “worked on”
  • What Autumn means when she says she takes a “trauma-informed” approach to business coaching and what it’s like to work with her

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  • “Taking a trauma informed approach is where you’re equipping your clients and your students to be able to live far beyond your time together and still feel able to show up for themselves. Where we’re not creating a codependent relationship.”- Autumn Bensette
  • “We’re not projects, we don’t always need to be fixed. We’re human beings, always evolving, and we can have more compassion and grace for ourselves in that.” -Autumn Bensette
  • “You can recreate and reinvent yourself as many times as you want to, but if you haven’t gone back to the foundational pieces, we’re just going to keep carrying around a bunch of heavy stuff that isn’t really ours.”- Rachel Brooks