E165 – 165: How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young, Vibrant, and Energized with Age Reversal Expert, Larisa Petrini


Ever wonder how some people get that “glow” on their face? Do you feel like you’ve tried every single cream, lotion, and potion out there to get that glow and you still haven’t found anything that gets rid of the wrinkles, saggy skin, and bags under your eyes? Luckily, we’ve got another solution for you and one that’s going to help you heal and reverse the look of your skin from the inside out. On this episode of The Confident Woman podcast, Rachel and Erin chat with age reversal expert and epigenetic specialist, Larisa Petrini.

Rachel and Erin chat with Larisa about:

  • The negative stigma around aging. . . (like it’s a bad thing. . .)
  • How aging backwards starts with what we are feeding our bodies
  • How you can tell how healthy your gut is by the way your skin looks
  • 4 types of “food” faces: what each one looks like and what they mean for your skin
  • Foods that are more damaging to our skin and foods that nourish our skin
  • How sleep is vital to our skin (and overall health!)
  • What you can do today to start glowing from the inside out
  • And so much more!

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  • “The way our skin looks is, in fact, 70% related to what we eat. And only 30% is related to our skincare routines.” – Larisa Petrini
  • “We don’t need 50 products for our face, body, and hair. We only need a few high-quality products that are good for us.” – Larisa Petrini
  • “50% of the population suffer from a reaction to one or more of the foods they eat in general and they have no idea it’s happening.” -Larisa Petrini
  • “We try to tackle the symptom without actually solving the root cause. And from my perspective, when you apply a cream without having a look at your plate, this is what you do. You just tackle a symptom, hoping that things will actually change.” – Larisa Petrini