E164 – 164: The Non-Fad, Scientific Way to Fuel Your Body and Lose Weight with Christine Hronec


Desperately wish you could figure out how to lose weight and become obsessed with the skin you’re in? So did Christine Hronec. Her frustration with trying to figure out why certain diets and exercise regimens weren’t giving her the results she was looking for, drove her to use her background as an award-winning chemical engineer, to figure it out on a biological level. And she did. In this episode, Christine chats with Rachel about how she discovered that the key to fat loss is to eat the optimum ratio of protein, carbs, and fat (macronutrients) for YOUR specific body.

Rachel and Christine more about:

  • Christine’s fitness journey: Getting curious and being fueled by determination
  • Why many people actually need to be eating more calories to lose weight – not less
  • The secret about eating fat and why it’s so important for your overall health
  • Why drastic carb-cutting almost always backfires and why water weight is so deceiving
  • One important nutrient that most people don’t get enough of in a day
  • The single biggest factor that dictates how to eat for your Macro Type
  • And so much more!

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  • “A lot of people bring emotion to fat loss and weight loss and we start thinking that there’s something wrong with us. But we’re just trying stuff so arbitrarily.” – Christine Hronec
  • “So many people come into this with the mindset that like they’re going to be missing out on joy.” – Christine Hronec
  • “It feels good to feel good and food is not the enemy. Food is your greatest advocate.” – Christine Hronec
  • “It really opens the door for so many other areas of your life to improve.” – Christine Hronec