E162 – 162: Dealing With Overwhelm: How Do We Fix It and Keep It from Happening Again?


We’ve all been there. We all know how debilitating being overwhelmed can be. But the truth is, we’re all humans. We all have flaws. This means being overwhelmed is just a part of life sometimes. Even though you may not be able to ever keep it from happening, you can learn how to better manage overwhelm and stay stress-free more often than not.

In this episode Rachel and Erin talk more about:

  • How being overwhelmed can affect your day to day life
  • How that feeling can unknowingly build overtime
  • Recognizing what makes us feel overwhelmed in the first place
  • How to keep yourself grounded
  • And knowing that you are never alone

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  • “Our brains are designed to keep us alive, not happy or satisfied.” – Erin
  • “A lot of times we’ll do things to make us feel good in that short term moment without addressing how we got to that overwhelm in the beginning, or just seeing it for what it is.” – Erin
  • “When that trigger happens, take a deep breath before you react, have that pause so that you can choose to respond in a more proactive, healthier way.” – Rachel