E161 – 161: How to Show Up For The Life That You Want with Vanessa Simpkins


Are you satisfied with your life? Is there something missing? In this episode of the Confident Woman Podcast, Rachel and Erin chat with Vanessa Simpkins, founder of Take Your Power Back Now, a 7-figure women’s empowerment and coaching company as well as the name of her #1 selling book that launched a global movement. If you’re looking for inspiration and insights on self-discovery and owning your self-worth, this is the transformation story for you.

Rachel, Erin, and Vanessa talk more about:

  • Being brave enough to go deep and get vulnerable with yourself (because that’s where true transformation begins)
  • Recognizing when to let go of the things that are no longer serving you so that you can move forward and make room for something new
  • How life is a reflection of your inner self
  • Masculine and feminine energy and the problem with always operating in your masculine energy
  • Creating new beliefs for yourself and healing old wounds
  • Learning to figure out what you want and then asking for it
  • Excavating shame and guilt and embracing your worth

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  • “Human beings are creatures of change and we usually don’t make a change unless the fear of staying the same becomes more painful than the fear of the unknown.” – Vanessa Simpkins
  • “That’s where the magic is. Trusting the process of new beginnings but not losing your real self and what you really want.” – Vanessa Simpkins
  • “90% of success is showing up and that’s the damn truth.” – Vanessa Simpkins
  • “You’re going to get what you tolerate. What you accept in your life.” – Vanessa Simpkins