E16 – 16: Are You Saying “Yes” to Everything?


Do you ever feel super overwhelmed and it’s your fault because you say yes to everything that’s asked of you? Rachel and Erin are still strategizing and trying to figure it out. Erin is a yes person because she genuinely wants to do everything. Now, she writes everything down and makes a priority list. Things at the bottom of the list Erin may not get to because it was taking time away from pursuing her goals. Rachel does something similar and categorizes her list sections as urgent, necessary, and distractions. Urgent are things you must do like paying bills. Necessary are things that have to be done but are not critical. Distractions are all the things we want to say yes to, but may need to say no to. Then, the two talk about JOMO – Joy of Missing Out. Maybe if something isn’t fitting in your diet or budget that day, do what you want to do instead!  

Enjoy the show!


  • [03:00] What doesn’t align with the bigger picture? 
  • [08:30] Reschedule to do more productive things  
  • [11:00] What is JOMO? 
  • [15:00] Cutting out social activities 


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  • “At the end of the week, I would ask where my time went.” -Rachel
  • “Time is the most important thing we have.” -Erin
  • “You should never wish time away because you will never get it back.” -Rachel
  • “I spent so much time focusing on things I didn’t want to do anyway.” -Erin