E15 – 15: Fitness and Finding Ourselves.


Today Rachel and Erin talk fitness and how to find yourself. So much of our physical appearance is tied to our worth and our value. Fitness is a way to transform our body. Rachel used fitness to have a better appearance solely because she thought that was what she was supposed to do. Physical fitness improves the body, but it also works on our mental fitness, emotional fitness, and spiritual fitness. If you are fit from the inside, your physical appearance will be a reflection of that as well. Then, Erin explains why she doesn’t like listening to music when she runs. Her husband works out every single day – he’s in great shape and super healthy. However, he doesn’t spend two hours at the gym; for him, it’s all mental. Find something you love, move your body in a way that is best suited for you and gets you fit from within.

Enjoy the show!


  • [02:00] What fitness does to our insides. 
  • [04:00] Seeking external validation for how we look. 
  • [05:45] Fitness is a form of therapy.
  • [07:50] Using fitness for the wrong thing.
  • [09:55] Find something you enjoy doing. 


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  • “When we are using fitness to change our appearance, we are using it in the wrong aspect.” -Rachel
  • “When I run, I don’t like to listen to anything.” -Erin
  • “I am a big advocate of balance.” -Rachel
  • “Find something you love and enjoy the progress.” -Erin