E149 – 149: Losing Weight and Breaking Free From Diet Culture with Leslie Thornton


Are you sick and tired of being in a constant battle with the scale? Is your mind constantly consumed with thoughts about food, weight, and dieting? Are you tired of being unhappy about the way you look and feel? Well, you’re not alone. So many women are SILENTLY battling the societal pressures of diet culture and it’s time for a change. Leslie was 8 years old when she first became aware of her body and how it compared to what is considered “socially acceptable.” In this episode, Rachel and Erin dive into a vulnerable conservation about Leslie’s personal struggles with weight loss and how her journey has led her to becoming an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist, and certified coach who has now helped 100s of people overcome the obsession with food, body, and weight – for good!

The ladies chat more about:

+  How Leslie started dieting as young as 8 years old

+ The deep connection that food has to our emotions

+ How food, body, and weight obsession makes us feel like there is something seriously wrong with us

+ How discovering the root cause of these obsessions and processing through them will help change your life

+ Taking back control by rewiring your thoughts

+ And so much more!

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  • “I just thought that I was dealt a bad hand. I felt that I was an addict.” – Leslie Thornton
  • “It was really affecting my confidence as a woman and my growth. I could only go so far with that mindset.” – Leslie Thornton
  • “I got to a place where I was like – I want to learn how to love and accept my body, no matter what that means about my body. I want to get past my fears. I want to not be afraid of eating carbs. I want to be able to socialize with my friends and family and have a cocktail if I want to and not feel like I’m isolated from people because I’m on the next fast or cleanse.” – Leslie Thornton
  • “Through awareness comes freedom.” – Leslie Thornton