E145 – 145: Finding True Fulfillment with Dr. Kim Foster – A Journey From MD to Health & Wellness Coach


Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you feel limited by what you can do and what you can achieve because of your past education or current career path? This week, Rachel and Erin had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Kim Foster. She is a MD turned wellness coach and business mentor, and she is on a mission to help other health and wellness coaches market their programs, serve more clients, and find true fulfillment in their work. Listen in as Dr. Kim shares her incredible story of how she completely changed the trajectory of her life (and career) when she decided that she no longer wanted to work as a family physician.

The girls talk about:

+ The power of just deciding

+ How entrepreneurship does not have a clear, straightforward path

+ Overcoming limiting beliefs, the fear of rejection, and societal pressures

+ Always checking back in with your “why” and course correcting

+ Being open to possibilities and opportunities

+ Learning to be ok with pivoting and doing something different

Kim’s Resources:

Dr. Kim’s Free Masterclass: How To Chart A Path To Your Dream Career As a Wellness Coach: https://drkimfoster.com/becomeacoach ; https://wellnesscoachacademy.com/ 

Dr. Kim’s Website: https://drkimfoster.com/

Dr. Kim’s Instagram: @drkimfoster

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  • “I had a real existential crisis at that moment thinking – what have I done? Is this actually where I want to be?” – Dr. Kim Foster
  • “There was a lot of reasons to keep doing it and so it was very hard to step outside the box and do something different.” –  Dr. Kim Foster
  • “I didn’t get that education just to limit my choices. I didn’t get it to just only ever do one thing in the world for ever and ever. I got it to create expansion in my life. To be more, to be bigger, and to have an impact in the world. So if I found that it was limiting me then that meant that something needed to change.” – Dr. Kim Foster
  • “I realized that that’s what shifted and that allowed me to consider coloring outside the lines. And to consider doing something that was not what everybody else around was doing and was expected to do.” – Dr. Kim Foster