E144 – 144: Ready to Up-Level Your Life and Business?


Have you been looking for a group of like-minded women who you can learn, grow and thrive with in both life and business? If so, then look no further. Today, Erin and Rachel are sharing what The Confident Woman Collective is and why it may be the perfect fit for YOU!

Here are few highlights:

– Learning from multiple people in different speciality areas within the Collective

– The live weekly trainings you’ll will receive

– Who the Collective is meant for (hint: it’s probably you!)

– The relationships you will gain from being a part of the Collective

– How this membership was born out of Rachel’s own experience

– And so much more!

If you’ve been thinking about joining The Confident Woman Collective, what are you waiting for? The Collective is a safe space, (a container), for other female creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders of all stages. Inside women give and receive community, connection, belonging, sisterhood, create memorable experiences, and do life and biz together. It’s your one-stop shop for complete access to multiple coaches, mentors, guides, creators, entrepreneurs that are experts in different fields, disciplines, and areas in life and business. Now is the time to become a founding member of the Collective! Join us in the Collective by heading to https://www.theconfidentwomancollective.com!


Chasing Perfection Book: http://chasingperfectionbook.com

The Confident Woman Collective: https://www.theconfidentwomancollective.com

The Confident Woman Community (Free): https://www.iamrachelbrooks.com/community

20-Ways to Build Self-Confidence (Free Gift): https://www.iamrachelbrooks.com/selfconfidence

Connect with us:

Erin’s Instagram: @the.erin.klein.show

Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast


  • “You’re sitting at a table with like-minded women, all on a journey, all on the same outcome to become a better version of yourself.” – Rachel
  • “You can talk about those hard things. People will get you. That people will understand you. And we’re here to encourage you along the way.” – Rachel