E141 – 141: What is the Difference Between Success and Failure?


Have you ever looked at someone who is super successful in their business and immediately thought to yourself. . . “I suck!” Do you feel like you are failing when you can’t establish the same habits or create the same discipline in your life that all “successful” entrepreneurs seem to have? Rachel and Erin have. And in this episode, the girls get real about how comparing themselves to others has affected their personal growth as well as what true success looks like to them.

The girls chat about:

+ How comparison makes us lose sight of who we are as people and what truly makes us happy

+ Tips on how to take bits and pieces from those who are ahead of you without trying to implement every single habit and/or strategy they have

+ Staying focused on your mission and core values

+ Taking the time to really figure out what success means to you

+ And so much more!


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  • “I was trying to emulate somebody who is successful. And if I modeled what they did, therefore, then I would be successful as well.” – Rachel
  • “I feel like people do all these things because they really want to better themselves and grow as a person. But it can be too much too fast. And then you lose your whole identity.” – Erin
  • “I saw them as successful. So I was trying to be and do everything that they were. And throughout that time there were a lot of things I lost about myself because I was trying to live on their timeline.” – Erin
  • “Success is doing what you love and loving what you do. Because in there lies the fulfillment, the passion, the purpose, and the freedom. And those are all core values that I really resonate with.” – Rachel