E140 – 140: Social Selling and Organic Growth on Instagram with Tori Overmyer


6-figure business mentor, Tori Overmyer, knows what she is talking about when it comes to using Instagram as an effective marketing tool for your business. Rachel and Erin chat with Tori about the biggest do’s and don’ts when it comes to marketing your brand and selling your products and services on Instagram, without feeling salesy, weird, or uncomfortable.

The girls cover:

  • How Tori used Instagram to organically attract and book clients as a hairstylist
  • Tori’s biggest tip for growing a successful business
  • The biggest misconceptions about what it means to be authentic online
  • How to continuously create relatable content for your brand
  • How to mix business and personal content in a way that feels good, makes sense, and creates natural consistency
  • The best ways to reach out and initiate conversations
  • What you really need to know about your ideal client and how important it is to your content creation (Hint: You don’t have to know how old they are, where they shop, or their Starbucks order)


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  • “I think we can be open and honest with our audience but still have boundaries and I think it’s really important to not blur that line.” – Tori
  • “Humans are naturally drawn to consistency. So to us it may feel like “wow, I’m posting the same kind of things” but our audiences actually really like that. So never feel like when it comes to content that you’re having to come up with these brand new ideas every time you go to post.” – Tori
  • “Not everyone is going to be your ideal client. So you shouldn’t be going into those initial interactions with the mindset of “ok, how do I get this person. . .” You should be going into those initial interactions with the mindset of “let’s get to know each other so I can see if I even want to turn this into a conversation about what I want to offer.” – Tori
  • “Really get your ideal client nailed down and reference that when you create content.” – Tori