E138 – 138: Defining Beauty on Your Own Terms with Michelle Emmick


Beauty and cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry, but how truthful and authentic is their marketing? Is it really about helping you feel like the best version of yourself? Or has the focus become more money driven? Rachel and Erin dive into the concept of women’s beauty and wellness with Michelle Emmick, Amazon best-selling author of Blue-Collar Beauty. After 20 years of working in the aesthetics field, Michelle is now Editor-in-Chief of Ask Us Beauty Magazine. A place where medical professionals and coaches are educating, connecting, and sharing about beauty and wellness to help empower the real, everyday woman.

The girls talk more about:

  • Closing the comparison gap that many women find themselves in
  • The importance of doing your research and educating yourself before going through with a life-changing decision
  • The power of understanding people and their stories
  • What’s different about Ask Us Beauty Magazine
  • How the magazine is content heavy with actual stories, making it a perfect weekend or travel read. (Without having to flip through endless amounts of ads)
  • The importance of authenticity when it comes to the content that’s being published
  • How the magazine is all encompassing, from beauty products to mental health and wellness
  • Standing by your standards and being strong in your values
  • How there is no such thing as an “overnight success”
  • And so much more!


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  • “We’re gonna create a magazine and we’re gonna bring women together. And we’re going to connect. And we’re gonna share. And we’re going to educate. And we’re going to empower.” – Michelle
  • “Our mission is for women to define beauty on their own terms” – Michelle
  • “Whatever you’re going to do, put in 100% effort. Make sure you feel good about doing it. And learn as much as you can.” – Michelle
  • “You can make a difference in someone’s life but you have to find their story. If you can understand their why and make sure they’re doing everything for the right reasons, it can be so life-changing.” – Michelle