E135 – 135: What is Toxic Positivity and How Do You Handle it?


How does being positive 24/7 affect you? Toxic Positivity has been a hot topic as of late. Just like how it can be difficult to be around someone who is negative all the time, it can also be just as difficult to be around someone who is so positive all the time. In this episode, Rachel and Erin dig a little deeper into what exactly toxic positivity is and their thoughts on the subject.

The girls cover:

+ Taking a second look at our natural emotional response

+ The importance of compassion, understanding, and empathy

+ Finding balance

+ Different ways to preface conversations when you just want an ear to listen

+ How we, as women, are more alike than we are different


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  • “Toxic Positivity is being so overly positive all the time, about every situation, that sometimes it’s looked down upon to experience any other emotion that isn’t positive or happy.” – Erin
  • “There’s really a fine line. You want to be positive and encouraging but yet you also don’t want to minimize emotions and make that person feel like whatever they are feeling isn’t valid.” – Rachel
  • “You have to have different people in your life to talk to about certain things.” – Erin
  • “People want to feel better and to feel more positive but they want to feel validated for how they feel in the moment as well.” – Erin