E132 – 132: Your Predicament Does Not Determine Your Destiny with Lia Valencia Key


From humble beginnings to rockstar entrepreneur, Lia Valencia Key, spent her formative years growing up in a homeless shelter. But through her mother’s inspirational words of wisdom, she was able to take hold of the reins of life and completely change the course of her future. Rachel and Erin are on the edges of their seats as they chat with Lia about her incredible journey so far.

The girls discuss:

+ How you’re circumstances in life don’t define who you are

+ Whether you are being a leader or a follower

+ Getting beyond the surface level and to the root of your “why”

+ Radiating your light to the world. How it doesn’t dim others, it’s actually the opposite

+ And so much more!


Lia’s Website: www.valenciakey.com

Erin’s Instagram: @the.erin.klein.show

Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

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  • “You never want to start something and say “Oh, I started that. . .”  you want to say, “Yes, I finished that and now I’m moving on to something different.” – Lia Valencia Key
  • “You can let your predicament destroy you or you can let your predicament fuel you.” – Lia Valencia Key
  • “When no’s are happening, even when it’s from the same person, it means keep learning, keep growing, keep developing.” – Lia Valencia Key
  • “If you want to work on anything, work on your spirit. Work on your energy. Work on how you’re radiating in the world. How do people feel when they come around you? That will take you further than any business knowledge you’ll ever know. Better than any product you could ever develop.” – Lia Valencia Key