E131 – 133: Cultivating Leadership in All Facets of Your Life


What comes to mind when you hear the word leadership? Are you ready to become a leader yourself?  Today, Erin and Rachel dive into the real definition of leadership and how you can start to exemplify leadership in all facets of your life!

The girls talk more on:
+  What leadership actually means (hint: it’s not what you think!)

+ The #1 thing you cannot let hinder the conversation

+ Why being in a leadership position isn’t actually necessary in order to lead

+ The importance of having open and honest communication

+ How being an extra set of eyes can shed light on things others might not see

+ The best ways to approach those in leadership positions with your thoughts and ideas

+ And so much more!


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Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

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  • “They notice you as somebody who’s willing to step up and bring something to light that needs to be brought to light.” – Erin
  • “People will follow a leader with a bigger heart than their skill set.” – Erin
  • “Ultimately it comes down to respect for the bigger picture, not necessarily that individual.” – Rachel
  • “You need to come to the table with an open heart and open mind.” – Rachel