E130 – 130: Prioritizing Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Heather McConochie


Is your business giving you the freedom that you hoped it would? Or do you feel like you are busier than ever, working 24/7, and running on fumes? Entrepreneur, nutritionist, health coach, & former nurse, Heather McConochie, shares her struggles and successes throughout entrepreneurship with Rachel and Erin. This episode is value packed with so many excellent little nuggets of wisdom! It’s definitely one that you won’t want to miss.

The girls discuss:

  • Taking risks in your life (You’ve only got the one!)
  • Feeling unbalanced in life
  • Neglecting relationships and your health, both physically and mentally
  • Breaking habits of working 24/7
  • The pressure of trying to do and be everything, right now
  • Figuring out your priorities and what truly matters in life
  • And so much more!


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  • “You can’t actually perform at your peak level as a businesswoman because you are using your brain and your body to create things, express communication, etc. You can’t do that if things aren’t physically at their peak.” – Heather
  • “I think one of the things that I’ve learned now at age 40 and have gone through four decades of life, is that things are going to change. Things are always changing.” – Heather
  • “I was putting so much of my identity into the success of my business and getting so much worth and value and fulfillment from that. So when that took a hit, it was kind of like my world started crumbling a little bit. And I think that’s what led to my depression and anxiety – basing too much of my identity within my business.” – Heather
  • “If you’re a high performer and you want to do a lot of things, you can’t shoot from the hip all the time.” – Heather