E129 – 129: Moving through Seasons: Staying Confident When Everything Feels Like It’s Falling Apart


Rachel and Erin are letting you in on a little secret; They don’t feel confident all the time! So how do you keep feelings of fear, frustration, and doubt from completely consuming you? How do you bounce back or avoid burning yourself out? In this bite-sized episode, the girls share the imperfect strategies they use to help them push through and how they can help YOU push through too!

The girls touch on:

+ Going through seasons of feeling defeated

+ How to stop being consumed by self-doubt

+ Releasing emotions and making space for rest

+ Leaning into your faith, community, and support system during these tough seasons

+ And so much more!


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  • “Look at the beauty of what is possible, when you think everything is impossible”-  Rachel
  • “Sometimes we just have to surrender and rest” – Rachel
  • “If we stay in self-doubt, we’re never going to take action or move toward anything” – Erin
  • “No one’s having this perfect, amazing, easy life with no disappointments, or discouragement, or pivots. It’s just part of it. It’s just figuring out the strategies to handle it when it occurs and finding that empowerment to move forward” – Erin