E128 – 128: Using Kajabi to Elevate Your Client (and Operator) Experience with Elizabeth Averyanova


There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to running an online business. And a lot of it comes from figuring out how to use the countless number of online tools that are available for the general operation and client experience of your business. From website hosts, appointment schedulers, email marketing services, and beyond – it’s all of a sudden a lot of moving parts to manage and maintain. In this episode, Erin and Rachel discuss how “less is more” with talented Kajabi designer, Elizabeth Averyanova.

The girls talk more about:

  • How your business is always in motion and evolving for the better
  • The “niche” question . . . Should you?
  • How persistency is key
  • What exactly is Kajabi
  • The most common client experience and onboarding mistakes and what you can do to fix them
  • Keeping business simple
  • And so much more!

If you want to know how Kajabi can benefit you and your business, head over to www.Kajabi.com to learn more!


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  • “When things get really hard and complex and overwhelming, we kinda just pull back and we really can’t pour into our business when we are spread so thin” – Rachel
  • “The biggest mistake is that you’re confusing your clients with how to start working with you” – Elizabeth
  • “Are you the owner or the operator? For many of us, we wear both hats. And so outsourcing the structure and the strategy is so important to your business so you really can, as a business owner, step into the overseeing view and be that CEO of your business versus being the jack of all trades” – Rachel
  • “Wowing your clients really involves going the extra mile to create that really memorable and delightful experience, so then they become clients for life” – Elizabeth