E127 – 127: Reinventing Your Life, One Step at a Time, with Sonya Morton – Firth


If you’ve ever caught yourself questioning whether or not you are living life on your terms, then you don’t want to miss this incredible conversation! Erin and Rachel chat with Sonya Morton-Firth about how she completely changed (and continues to transform) her life, from a highly successful corporate employee to fitness competitor and transformational coach.

The girls talk more on:

  • How to check in with yourself and how you are feeling about the direction of your life
  • How age is truly just a number
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people and support
  • Navigating through the challenges of a major change in life
  • The crucial role that mindset plays in transformation
  • The major benefits that come from intentionally taking responsibility for your life
  • And so much more!


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  • “The transformation journey is not a quick process, it’s actually one that potentially never ends. And the more that you dig deep into yourself, the more layers of the onion that you unpeel, and the more you understand and get to know yourself, then the true transformation really starts to begin.” – Sonya
  • “Sometimes learning from where you went wrong is more powerful than going from where you went right.” – Sonya
  • “You should never compare yourself to somebody else. The only person you should ever compare yourself to is yourself.” – Sonya
  • “We’re all in the midst of our own journey’s and we just have to give ourselves grace and trust the process.” – Rachel