E126 – 126: Boost Your Inner Beauty with Rachel Kerr


Struggling to find a community of like-minded women that you can connect with? That’s exactly what Rachel Kerr kept hearing over and over when she started The Beauty Boost! Today, she joins Erin and Rachel to talk about what The Beauty Boost really is, why it’s something every woman can relate to, and some of the experiences she’s had along the way.

You’ll hear more on:

  • What can happen when growth happens quickly
  • Spending time in this area in order to gain leverage within your business
  • Why using the resources around you is a big key to seeing success
  • The importance of having the right mindset in order to keep moving forward
  • One of the biggest rewards Rachel has experienced from creating The Beauty Boost
  • And so much more!


Rachel K’s Instagram: @thebeautyboost

Rachel K’s Website: https://www.thebeautyboost.net

Erin’s Instagram: @the.erin.klein.show

Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast


  • “I will always ask for help.” – Rachel K.
  • “I strongly encourage you to always have some sort of coach and find the right match for you.” – Rachel K.
  • “It’s the ability to go on YouTube and Google and figure out how to do it and just keep moving forward as you make mistakes.” – Rachel K.