E121 – 121: Dealing with Negative Feedback?


Dealing with negative feedback about your business? Your relationships? Or maybe just your life in general? If so, then this episode is just for you! Today, Erin and Rachel dive into what to do with all that negative feedback.

The girls talk more on:

  • Looking at the feedback constructively
  • Consider the source of the feedback
  • What people’s feedback is usually rooted in (I’m looking at you, Fear!)
  • Deciding what you are going to do with the feedback
  • Why taking a step back can be so beneficial to actually moving forward
  • The importance of getting crystal clear on who you are
  • And so much more!


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Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

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  • “The truth is negative feedback is your best friend, especially in business.” – Rachel
  • “We all have those people that just say some nasty, horrible things” – Rachel
  • “Consider the source!” – Erin
  • “They want to be inspiring and uplifting but really they’re just having the opposite effect.” – Erin
  • “All you have to do is keep doing what you’re doing because the truth will outweigh the BS that’s coming your way.” – Rachel