E12 – 12: The Endless Chase of Perfection.


Rachel sees this all too often, not only in her personal life, but with women in general. There is an expectation that we need to have perfection in some area of our lives. She had chased it for far too long before realizing that perfection does not exist. Finally coming to this conclusion, Rachel learned to embrace what she does have in a loving way. Chasing perfection can be used in a healthy way, too, as Erin describes. The ladies also see many women searching for the perfect guy when online dating, but their expectations are much too high. You have to be confident in who you are. The antidote for chasing perfection is letting go of expectations and allowing yourself to just be, and that’s when we see growth in all aspects of our lives. The progress you achieve in life will make you just as happy as perfection, especially if you were chasing perfection in something you’re not passionate about.

Enjoy the show!


  • [01:04] Rachel’s pursuit of perfection
  • [04:34] Perfection versus progress
  • [09:55] Life is always hard


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  • “We’re not ever going to be enough when we compare to somebody else’s life.” -Rachel
  • “If you’re broken, why do you want somebody to come complete you? You should come already complete.” -Rachel 
  • “I used to think, ‘once I hit this, this, this, and this, I can just stroll through life easily.’ Wrong.” -Erin