E113 – 113: Becoming The Confident Woman


As we wrap up our 12-week series, Becoming The Confident Woman: From Body Acceptance to Self-Love this episode, Rachel and Erin bring it full circle as they share their message of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering women to become their best and most confident selves by creating lasting change within. Let go of who you believe you are and step into who you’re created to be, The Confident Woman.

Inside, you’ll learn more on:

❥ How to make changes from the inside out

❥ Becoming what you believe

❥ Letting go and redefining who you are

❥ Creating your story from the power you have within you

❥ …and so much more!


Erin’s Instagram: @erin_travelsforlife

Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

The Confident Woman Podcast Instagram: @theconfidentwomanpodcast


  • “How we approach our diet and our exercise is really, kind of in nutshell, how we approach life.” – Rachel
  • “If we’re looking for those quick fixes to lifelong problems, we’re not going to create a sustainable lifestyle.” – Rachel
  • “It’s all from the inside out.” – Erin
  • “You’re just shoving everything in a closet and eventually that closet door is just going to open and spill out.” – Erin
  • “Even though it’s a personal journey, it’s done collectively because it takes more than just YOU.” – Rachel