E110 – 110: The Journey to Self-Mastery


Ever wonder what the journey to self-mastery might look like? In part 9 of our 12-week series on the podcast, Erin and Rachel are sharing how you can master your journey through healing, forgiveness, and letting go of who you believe you are so you can step into who you’re created to be—The Confident Woman.

You’ll hear more on:

❥ What these 3 actions really are

❥ The one big benefit of this journey

❥ Why this journey never truly ends (and for good reason!)

❥ The ongoing commitment you need to make to yourself

❥ …And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “To forgive is to forget.” – Erin
  • “It’s not fair for us to carry the burden and actions of somebody else’s wrongdoing.” – Rachel
  • “You’re giving all that power away and you’re letting that one isolated incident rob you of your entire life.” – Erin
  • “There will always be ghosts in a sense to remind you of where you came from.” – Rachel