E11 – 11: Keeping Your Self-Worth in Check.


Rachel and Erin are talking today about realizing your self-worth outside of your physical body. They saw this topic being asked about on Facebook, and it’s something that they have both personally dealt with. Rachel believes that your self-identity has nothing to do with your physical attributes. We all know that we’re going to age over time, but when we’re tied to knowing who we are, then self-worth comes from within. Erin explains that we should focus on being healthy because we care about ourselves, not because we want to fit into a certain size. We are the most critical of our own being. Even though you could see someone with a seemingly perfect body, you have no idea how much pain that person may be carrying. The more in-tune we are with ourselves, the easier it is to find our identity and purpose. We need to ask ourselves, “why?” When we love ourselves whole-heartedly, what other people say won’t matter.

Enjoy the show!


  • [03:08] How Rachel and Erin have changed the way they view themselves
  • [07:01] Comparing yourself to physically fit people
  • [11:14] Finding your identity


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  • “Look at yourself for who you are, and that comes from inside.” -Rachel
  • “We measure success based on what we see, and seeing is believing. But if we have faith within ourselves, that’s believing without seeing.” -Rachel
  • “Is it because you care about yourself and you’re healthy and you want to reflect that? Or is it just because you want to look good and take cool bikini pictures for Instagram?” -Erin