E108 – 108: How to Undo the Damage of Self-Abuse


Where do your beliefs around things like physical appearance and weight come from? In part 7 of a 12-week series, on the podcast, Erin and Rachel are talking about identifying the root cause of your beliefs and how to let go and surrender to who you are right NOW!

You’ll hear more about:

❥ Why you feel the need to look a certain way
❥ The power of forgiveness

❥ Why you need to let go and heal internally

❥ Creating new beliefs

❥ And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “From a very young age, we get shaped and shifted into who we become.” – Rachel
  • “Everybody has something they don’t like.” – Erin
  • “How they see you is a reflection of how they see themselves. They are seeing you through their lens.” – Rachel