E106 – 106: Have You Fallen Victim to the “Trap”


When it comes to diet and exercise, have you fallen victim to the diet and exercise trap? Do you feel stuck in your current diet and exercise routine? Do you feel that with every step forward, you take two, three, and more steps back? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and wish to put an end to this diet and exercise riddle? Well, you are not alone! In part 5 of our 12-week series, Rachel and Erin dive into the common misconceptions, myths, beliefs, lies, and common marketing ploys that try to sell you quick fixes to our lifelong struggles.

Tune in as we discuss:

❥ What are common and current Diet & Exercise “Traps”

❥ all the “false” beliefs/concepts/myths/fad/gimmicks/supplement

❥ How common marketing tactics prey on our mental, emotional, and physical  “insecurities”

❥ How to spot trends between diets and exercise to prevent you from being another victim to becoming the hero of your own story.

❥ The importance of longevity and lifestyle from a health and fitness standpoint

❥ The importance of addressing and healing our wounds vs. looking for the next bandage of quick fixes

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “The takeaway here is taking personal responsibility.” – Rachel
  • “What kind of life do you want?” – Rachel
  • “I would never give anything long enough to become a lifestyle.” – Erin
  • “Hopefully you’re buying into programs and products where the people are teaching lifestyle.” – Erin