E105 – 105: Finding Your Worth and Identity From Within


What are you tying your worth and identity to? Do you believe that these are intertwined with playing a certain part or role? In part 4 of our 12-week series, Rachel and Erin are diving into what identity and self-worth really mean and how to start accepting yourself from the inside out.

The girls talk more about:

❥ Discovering the root of low self-esteem

❥ The need to look “the part”

❥ Holding steadfast to our identity, aligning it with our actions or appearance

❥ Is our worthiness dependent upon the # on the scale or the size of your jeans?

❥ Tying identity to a specific role you have in life (and what you can do to change this!)

❥ Society’s expectations of what is worthy and acceptable and what you can do to pave your own way.

❥ …and so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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  • “It really comes down to knowing who you are, so therefore you can determine the value of your worth!” – Rachel
  • “The only limits that we have are the ones we set upon ourselves.” – Rachel
  • “What really is going to make us happy is inside of us all along.” – Erin
  • “We’re more involved in other people’s lives sometimes than our own.” – Erin