E100 – 100: Why Your Struggles are Needed


The Confident Woman Podcast is celebrating 100 episodes! Throughout these 100 episodes, Erin and Rachel have talked all about how you can be your most authentic, true self. And today is no different! Today, the girls are talking all about why the struggles you are facing are real and why they are needed.

The girls cover:

  • The daily struggle Rachel has that you might relate too
  • What overcoming a struggle actually means
  • Why you need to look back at how far you’ve come in the last year
  • The projection you are seeing online
  • How everyone, including you, struggles with different things
  • Why it’s important to share your struggles
  • What happens when you continually deny what you’re dealing with
  • Using your issues to motivate you into becoming a better version of yourself
  • And so much more!

Let’s take a listen!


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Rachel’s Instagram: @iamrachelbrooks

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  • “You have no idea how hard it is every single day to wake up and make it a choice to love myself.” – Rachel
  • “Everyone is dealing with something.” – Erin
  • “Whatever your journey is, it’s unique to you but it’s not unique to other people.” – Rachel
  • “Things sucking isn’t a bad thing.” – Erin