E08 – 8: Is Self-Doubt Killing Your Dreams?


In this episode, Rachel and Erin discuss something that can either kill or propel you forward: self-doubt. When we are on a path of self-doubt, it becomes lonely and daunting. Questions will start to fill our head and ultimately stunt our growth. Instead of letting obstacles throw you off your path, keep your eyes on the big prize and move forward! When something takes a long time, more self-doubt creeps in. If you have a driving passion, it will propel you forward to the lofty goal. Have faith in your purpose, calling, and know that it will always work out. Having setbacks is never the end-all-be-all when you hit rock bottom. The only way you can go is up! 

Enjoy the show!


  • [00:30] Self-doubt will kill your dreams
  • [05:20] Setting long-term goals 
  • [07:20] Rachel is in the process of getting her book published
  • [10:15] The fear of starting
  • [12:40] Finding the lesson in the blessing 


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  • “We have to set small, measurable, actionable steps to reach our goals.” -Rachel
  • “You might need to correct course.” -Erin
  • “Stay on your path, and your why.” -Rachel
  • “I give myself five minutes to be mad at something.” -Erin