46: The Journey To Becoming An Author With Leslie McCauley


On this brand new episode, special guest Leslie McCauley sits down with the girls to talk about her journey to becoming a published author. Leslie is now the proud author of the book, Rise. She is also a wife, mother and works at a hospital in physical therapy.

Leslie kicks off the episode by sharing how long she has wanted to become an author. It went all the way back to her days as a child. She even told a friend in high school that her dream was to become an author.

She also tells Erin and Rachel what led her to write her book and gives a little insight into what Rise is about. The book has a lot of twists and turns that will leave you in suspense. But that we, as women, will be able to relate to the protagonist and the main conflict she faces.

Leslie lets the girls in on how she feels now that she is a published author, how she was able to write and edit her story through the chaos of life and so much more!

Here are some highlights:

  • Chasing after her dream and doing it for herself
  • Selling 100 copies to family and friends from one Facebook post
  • Her husband’s support played a role in starting and finishing the book
  • Reading Girl Wash Your Face led her to edit and self-publish
  • The ripple effect this book has had on her and the people around her
  • The start of her second book

Let’s take a listen!


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Book: Rise by Leslie McCauley

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  • “I want everyone to know I wrote that.” -Leslie
  • “You never know the ripple effect of something right away.” -Erin
  • “You’ve left your mark. You’ve left your legacy.” -Rachel
  • “Having that supportive family, friends, spouse. That’s the fire we need to really back us.” -Rachel