45: Are Opinions Holding You Back?


Opinions. Everyone has them. But are they necessary? Are they something you value?  Do you let others opinions impact your decision?

In this brand new episode, Erin and Rachel are diving into the world of opinions. They both agree that they do not like opinions. They believe that opinions are typically bad advice or they stop people from going after their goals and dreams.

The girls think the worst type of opinion is unsolicited kind. If you were not asked your opinion, it is not necessary to give it. But in the same regard, if you ask someone for their opinion then you need to be prepared that you may not like the opinion given.

Erin and Rachel also came to the conclusion that opinions are usually viewed as being negative and that it is up to us to find the positive in them. Although if it’s already viewed as a positive opinion, it’s usually regarded as a compliment.

Lastly, the girls talk about the value we place on others opinions and knowing our own worth. We can allow their opinions to stop us from taking that chance or making that dream a reality. But if we get rid of the self-doubt and know who we truly are, then we can look past the opinions and make our own decisions.

Erin and Rachel also highlight:

  • Asking for opinions from those who have done it before you
  • People can give negative opinions/advice to make themselves feel better
  • Stopping the noise around us
  • We shouldn’t care about most people’s opinions
  • Those with the most opinions are the ones who aren’t doing anything

Let’s take a listen!


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  • We’re conditioned to see the negative in things where we need to retrain to see the positive in things.” -Rachel
  • “A lot people listen to people, like let their opinions sway them.” -Erin
  • “I don’t think anyone who’s ever made a big impact on this world was less and weak.” -Rachel
  • “So many people don’t think for themselves.” -Erin
  • “Sometimes you gotta think for yourself and go out on your own and take a chance.” -Erin
  • “Know yourself and make choices for you.” -Rachel