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Chasing Perfection reveals the life-changing steps fitness and lifestyle expert Rachel Brooks took to overcome depression, negative body image, and eating disorders, to break free of the past, and start living a fulfilling purpose-driven life. Her no-nonsense approach, with simple personal growth principles and fitness strategies, will empower you to improve self-confidence and change your life.


Rachel offers you a time-tested, results-oriented plan that anybody can use to create a healthy body, a positive mindset, and a soul filled with self-love and gratitude, even if you have time constraints or have previously tried many diets and workouts and not got the desired results.


In Rachel’s inspirational and emotional story of redemption and self-love, you will learn:

  • How Rachel’s quest for the perfect body and perfect life as a fitness competitor backfired. Nowhere to hide, she was forced to face a past filled with secrets, lies, and self-abuse. She set out to uncover her truth and set herself free from a life of limiting beliefs, fears, and extreme loss
  • Personal accounts of body insecurity and self-doubt that many women will identify with, and powerful advice that will inspire you to overcome adversity and start living a healthy and happy life
  • How to be yourself! Stop trying to be everything for everybody else in your life and learn how to fulfill your own dreams, nurture new positive relationships instead of trying to constantly fix bad relationships, and start on your own path towards happiness and self-love

Through an honest and heartfelt journey, Chasing Perfection will inspire, encourage, and empower you to let go of your limiting beliefs and redefine who you are. You have the power to create your own story!

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